Components for Laboratory Centrifuges

Because of the multitude of customer parts being treated and
Because of the multitude of customer parts being treated and

Components of this kind in a wide variety of versions rank among the most precise and expensive individual parts in a centrifuge.

The extreme accelerating forces, which develop at high rotational speeds – along with the material deformation this causes – makes demands accordingly on the quality of the anodized finish. Compliance with certain bath parameters is extremely important therefore for the quality of the anodized layer. To increase resistance to corrosion and UV radiation, the articles illustrated here are also sealed in a nickel-acetate solution.

It is not always possible to give high-strength wrought aluminium alloys with different contents of copper, zinc, manganese and other metals a decorative anodized finish, because some alloying additions, even in small quantities, produce inherent colours, which can cause characteristic structures, where there are textural irregularities (see under "Brief Specialist Information”).

Maximum workable size of item
in mm Length Width Height
Natural and black coloured anodized 1300 400 700
Coloured anodized 600 400 700